Home Sweet home

Sweet “ShuBang” Family in their sweet home…


Sometimes they called “ShuBang” as small Monster. Isabel said “haha, she’s crazy and naughty, but we love her the way she is and we just wish ShuBang to be a happy little furry kid forever.” ShuBang is the second Corgi they have in the family, in cantonese ShuBang薯餅 means- Hash browns. Named after their first Corgi -薯條(french fired). Isabel expressed they have totally different personalities. ShuBang is very active and could be stubborn. Surprisingly, ShuBang don’t mind to sleep in their previous dog’s bed and play the toys. “Sometimes when I’m angry at her or when i’m sad, she will show soft expressions , comfort me with her angle eyes .”She recalled the sweet connection with ShuBen. They have a cat called KatchUp 茄汁. The dog and and cat never interact with each others, but i think deep in their heart they treat each others as family.

I’m so glad the couple told me that, with these photos taken at home, they re-discover the little things & habits in everyday life are actually so treasurable.

Life is same but taste sweeter and warmer. Happiness is about treasuring all those little touching moments!

Isabel說: “雖然我地好多時都無晒你乎,但係..我地只希望你永遠都做一個開開心心既小毛孩 .

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