The Chalky Family

Chalky is a dog star, his parents took him a lots of delighting funny photos in everyday life. He has the charm to make people smiles.


He joined this family two months after they lost their old dog ,Puck. “First time when we saw Chalky, we knew by heart he’s the one for us. He put his big head on ChalkyBa’s hand, they look at each other. seems he’s telling us : Don’t be sad anymore, let me bring lots of happiness to our family. Let’s live together! ” said ChalkyMa. In this 3 years, he truly did it. ” Don’t underestimate the power of a small dog, his positive energy is lighting up everyone around!”

On the photo day, we put Chalky in a no-water-bubble bath , he stayed there with rubber ducks, it’s so adorable and it “looks like ” he’s enjoying. Soon , he turned back and showed an impatient face, asking with his expression : ” Is it finished?” every laughed : ) I felt the love in the air.

Chalky Ba was described by friends as “pirates”, looking like a “bad” guy in fairy tales.
Although he looks serious, you will be impressed when you experience his fulfilled smiles and father’s gentleness when he look into Chalky’s eye. I’m sure Chalky and his family are all filled with love every day.

You can find him on Instagram @CHALKY0528

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