Love Warrior

JayJay was a village dog, she has her own mission and a different way of thinking…
To her, baby and other dog Maia seems to be from another world.

Although sometime being serious & stubborn , she is a joyful and sweet dog. JayJay shows great respect to the pack leader, the father. They are closely attached by heart. The father said he is incredibly thankful for JayJay’s absolute love for him : “I am often overwhelmed to aware that I am her favourite being on earth.” It mean so much to him that he feels he couldn’t describe in words.
Joane ,the Mother who hesitated at the beginning , was touched by JayJay’s unconditional love that heals and teaches her constantly.
It’s never easy to fulfill the needs of two dogs and a small baby in everyday life. I am so impressed by how the family embraces with smiles and understanding. Love is powerful.
Last year something unsual seems to happen on JayJay’s body.  Everyone worried but JayJay keeps her joyful personality as always,
spreading passionate love and energy. Day by day, the family learnt to “Love with No fear”. I guess it is what we should all do in our life.

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