Happy Jumping Beans

They are  a energetic family with three lovely kids…..

Two sisters and the younger brother are joyful and energetic all the time, enjoying whatever they play together and bringing laughters wherever they go.

The three beans sometime jumping around, sometimes holding Baba and Mama in their arms, kissing, chatting and whispering .They have their own way of lively expressions.  The little boy with big curious eyes smiles so sweet and gentle. The active girls have so many ideas and energy. But when they put on their girly dresses, having flowers on their hair, they gradually slow down and start spreading their gentleness. So sweet that surprises their mum with the soft expressions between the two sisters. Younger brother was attracted by this sweet moment, he came and share his smiles, and later on three of them went for another happy walk in the greens, looking for flowers and birds.

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