Born with a nature heart

Baby Yuet’s parent , Cara & Hey is an active couple, they love hiking and exploring, enjoying a close relationship with the nature.

They were a crazy couple climbing every mountains, jumping on dangerous stones with flip-flipflops. Now, they have a baby daughter , a small girl who will learn all these joyful living attitude and crazy ideas to discovery the world . How exciting!

Cara expected to have photos representing her baby is a part of the nature, it’s gift form the God. So we started planning for this extraordinary newborn photo in the nature. I must say she’s a tough & passionate mother. Bringing a new born baby to the nature only 13 days after giving birth, is not a comfortable decision for any woman, physically and mentally.

Baby Yuet’s chinese name carries a meaning of “joyful spirit”. Cara told me a fun thing about the name : “In cantonese, her full name sounds like . ” Haha, a great name, energetic , free and joyful.

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