A story of Two Schnauzers and a Couple

I felt Nicole’s heart is totally fulfilled when she’s with her dogs….

I am impressed by her gentleness (Although sometime she’s very naughty).
But When Johnny was holding Kiwi in his arm, I know his love for their dogs is not any less then Nicole’s.

Nicole loves animal since she was a kid, Johnny likes dogs because of his wife.After they booked the session, they went to my SPCA talk, it was the first time I met with them.  Nicole was so energetic & passionate when she talked about their dogs Mikki & Kiwi. Later on during the pre-session “interview”, I learn more about their everyday life story & their own way of connection. I knew we will have a PhotoStory full of love, joy & fun.

Nicole express she enjoys the eye contact and the sense of intimacy with Mikki. Johnny, on the other hand, enjoys playing & throwing toys with them. When we talked about their dogs strange habits,  one of them is very interesting : Mikki likes the wind from hair dryer and will show smart face ;  Kiwi will perform “Swim-in-the-air” when she’s in the wind . We laugh like crazy when we were taking those shots!! It’s sweet to see Nicole’s naughty face when she’s playing jokes on Mikki & Kiwi.(Mikki ,the white one, is a five yrs old male Schnauzer, and Kiwi is a 14 yrs old female. )

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