Sam & Bo

Bo is a four years-old Labrador, with beautiful shiny black hair and brown eyes. He’s a happy energetic dog with a gentle mind.

A few years ago, Bo was living in the Philippines, when his “human parent” decided to move to HK, he was “packed” on plane. Every time when Sam talk to Bo with her sweet tone, Bo looks softly into her eyes , seems he’s listening carefully. I love these eye contact between dog and owner, it feels like they are communicating with their souls.  Sam usually don’t hug Bo too much because of her allergy, but I can feel how much she loves the dog from the way she look and talk to Bo and from her sweetest smiles.

Den (Sam’s husband) brought Bo home when Bo was around 4 months old. The first night Bo slept by the bed with Den’s hand on his head. Den has a gentle heart, maybe that’s why Bo has a gentle heart when he grew up. But Bo also like chewing when he’s young, Sam said “The first thing he chewed were my flip flops.”  Haha, I believe dogs are born to be curious and naughty, and maybe this is one of the reason we love them so much!!


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