A mini-zoo at home

Can you imagine a house with 13 dogs, 5 cats, 5 parrots,2 turtles and countless fishes?

This is a family who love animals so much. They love not only their own ones, but rescue animals in needs.
The“Mother” of all these animals was holding a small dog on her lap relaxing, smiling, start telling the stories of every animal staying here. Some were  very sick when she found them in different horrible situations. She’s trying to bring them back to good health and wish they can find a new home.  These stories touched me. At the same time, I was impressed by her determination and effort in fighting for animal right in many other ways.
There’s some stories about these animals at the bottom.

The brown old cat “Ar Bo” , was abandoned at a golf club for ten years, live on food given by the staff working there.  The cat got really sick recently, now she’s under medical treatment in this home. It is amazing that at the beginning every time when “Ar Bo” was given some food to eat, the cat tears, seems to show gratefulness for being loved.

The other two beautiful brown cats can climb a 5m tall tree in the garden in order to trace the birds.  Just like any other cats, they might look lazy sleeping all day, but they have impressive physical ability..

In the garden, there’s a pond full of lively fishes. Yes, Dogs must be curious about that, “Every new dog who first come here, will jump into the pond once. Then they would know it’s not that fun…..” the lady said with smile and forgiveness.

Mix bread Dogs, “Big Black” and his son “small back” came from a farm, they were fighting with wild pigs to protect the farm. Big black is an old dog, clam and gentle, but when i see the scars on his face and ear, I can imagine how brave and strong he used to be. “Small black” on the other hand is a laid-back one, when his father and mother went for hunting, he’s always staying, might be lazy but smart and sweet.  “Big Black” cares about his son so much. When they first arrive here,  he had a chance to run away, but when he saw his son is staying , he decided to stay. Whenever they put “small black” on running machine, he will wait aside, and  never leave him ”suffer” alone , so sweet!  “Big Black” is actually the pack leader in the house. He remains silent and clam all the time, but whenever there’s new dog in the house and not obedience enough, they will be brought to “Big Black” for a “talk”. The more I know about him, the more I respect him.

The parrots can call the dog’s name when a dog walks close to their cage. It’s funny that sometimes they recognize wrongly because some dogs have similar color & size.  They can even say, for example “ Lucky , bad dog” when the dog “lucky”  do some naughty things.  These parrots also like to imitate the Cat’s meow when they are bored. I think the cat live just next to them will be confusing or feeling annoyed   sometimes.

The black Labrador was a drug detector dog until he was two years old. He had a funny story of self-sacrificing: once his dog friend has bitten a man and the police came to catch the criminal, he jumped on the car immediately and was kept in jail for 2 weeks. No one knows he did it intentionally or just being stupid.  Anyway, I think he’s sweet and adorable. Now he’s becoming old. The owner touched his white hair near his mouth and said : “look at you, why your white hair grow so fast this year, just like me….” Watching them looking into each other’s eye, I feel the love and I feel pet and us are really experiencing life together, supporting each other emotionally.



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