Two Lovely Bull Dogs

Brucey and Charlie are adorable Bull Dogs living in a loving family.

The couple Monica & Jim treats them with lots of love and caring.  When the couple kisses the dogs, I see love of father and mother; when the male owner plays with Brucey and Charlie, I see 3 boys playing crazily. They are so happy dogs having cozy sleeping place everywhere in the house and super nutritious DIY meal.

I asked Jim why he likes Bull dogs.  He said it’s because of their temperament: “Even they look fierce and aggressive but they are actually very friendly”.  I understand almost immediately when I look at this strong man seems he’s speaking for himself.

Brucey is cool and characteristic, likes to walk away and show a adorable “angry “eye.  He loves to play , just he don’t like to show . Charlie is sweet, like to sit and lean on you with his pat pat. I always wonder dogs do it intentionally or they count the distance wrongly, so funny but sweet : P

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