Me and my twins brothers

A sweet family’s love and  growth with 3 kids and a dog.

First time when I met the older brother, Aidan, he was still a tiny energetic kid, love playing with his humorous daddy and the family dog Dino. Then the big eye twins, Ethan & Gabriel came to the family, everywhere even fuller of laughter, cute faces, and funny sweet moments. Angela is a joyful and blissful mum, bringing so much happy energy to everyone. Their dog Dino, is the gentlest golden retriever I’ve ever met.  He took care and accompanied these 3 lovely boys.  The three brothers grows up so so fast every day, the mother becomes so so beautiful every day, maybe  it’s the power of joy and love!! Later on , It seems his task in this family has completed, so he chose to fly around as an angel, continue supporting them in their heart.

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