The Story of KALA

At home she’s a Lion ; In the forest she’s a Horse ; At the vet she’s a Dog.

KALA lives in human family for nine years, she definitely feel she’s a part of the it, the most important part. KALA likes hunting and begging for food, making pitiable face and sounds until you give her your last ham, then she will rob if you don’t. She likes sleeping on your pillow, stepping her dirty feet on your newly wash bed cover. She don’t likes family member getting too close or touching each other, she will bark until you separate. She don’t like being ignore for too long, she will take any forbidden things and hide under the bed or sofa, and make monster noise when you try to negotiate to her.

Once Kala slept next to me, I understand that whatever she does is because she’s longing for love from us. Over the night, she tied to get closer and closer, put her nose just next to me, Making happy sounds every time i pet her. I feel so close to her, mentally. The other day , I accompany her to wait at the door, I feel we became good friends.

KALA is nine years old, but she so so energetic in the forest, I think she actually gaining energy from the nature. Running around, busy with something we don’t understand, searching, smelling and leaving smell. I like listening the sound of KALA running pass me from behind, it’s so funny that it really sounds like a horse running towards.

One day we took her to the vet, and it seems I finally see the “true” KALA. She was so scare, shaking, we pet her like a baby. When KALA knows she’s safe, leaving the vet and going back to the car, the lion let herself to show her cute face finally.


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