The 4 years old Golden Retriever “QuiQui”,
 is so so energetic. She love to play and moving around. When she’s running to you from far away, you will sense her desire to jump on your shoulder, hug you and kiss you.  QuiQui is always busy with something, seems she cannot be bored for 1 second. When we start photo shooting, she’s intoxicated with chewing stones and tree branches.

QuiQui knows tricks that surprise me a lot. She knows what is “above” and “Behind”. When you say there’s a bird above, she will look up. When you say there’s a kid behind her, she will look back. The owner said she treats her as a daughter, gives her the best nutrition. I’m sure QuiQui can feel her owner’s love, because I see a sensitive mind behind her frolicsome manner..


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