“Hunter” is 5 months old German Doberman Pitcher.
From a distance, it looks he has two horns. His owner said hunter’s ears were trimmed as other pinscher, in order to let it stand up and look smart. I don’t know how will he look like in the future, for me he looks so charm already and don’t need any manipulation. Hunter really loves chewing coke bottle, he’s performing all the time trying to tell you it’s the funniest toy in the world. The owner said Hunter is very docile, the only bad thing is he’s a shoes thief in the house, whenever there’s shoes missing, you can always find it at Hunter’s bed. I was impressed by the owner’s smile when he looked at Hunter playing. He said when he sleep on the sofa, Hunter will jump on the sofa and sleep on his belly. Though Hunter’s movement looks so cute now, looking at his muscular body and big big claw, the scar on his fore arm, it’s easy to picture how heroic he will be in a few years.

P.s. Hunter met a helpless friend at the platform of swimming pool .That dog had problem getting out. Hunter approach trying to comfort him, and then step on his head want to play with him, probably he forgot his friend was in trouble.


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